Under The Bridge

by Andrea   Jun 30, 2005

Under the bridge lies a broken child.
Her dreams have been shattered,
But now it does not seem to matter.
Storms caress her body in this wild.

Empty thoughts of harm spread openly.
Alone with her silent screams and loud tears.
Reality has stricken her with a sudden fear.
Nothing but pure love will comfort soulfully.

Tell me now why she has to abandon hope.
Almost there, sixteen…wait until your eighteenth.
It’s not that far along, back away from the brink.
Life is to suffer, but there must be a way to cope.

Under the bridge she lies covered in the mud.
To bother, the dirt does not, for she is unclean.
The world is careless because it is cruel and mean.
She’s drenched from the rain, her tears, and her blood.

Poor child cries of crimson to end her suffering.
The desire of death runs through her hands
That grasp the knife tightly because it understands.
Does she not know this will solve nothing?

Ahhh yes…I’m ending with a question for you to decide this girl’s fate. I couldn’t decide if she should die or be some odd miracle. So I am leaving this poem unfinished until I find the answer for darling fate.


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Latest Comments

  • 13 years ago

    by Bridgette

    Wow this is really good.. I Love the rhyme scheme that you used and the way that you ended it with a question.. very creative. You did a great job on this.. I loved it!

  • 14 years ago

    by *~Emma~*

    I'm am really starting to enjoy reading your poems...you have such talent! and your only 16? you've come far! another awsum poem
    luv em

  • 14 years ago

    by LindaPham

    great poem you express the feelings very well..... it's a nice poem i liked it

  • 14 years ago

    by LostANDConfused

    Great Poem. I don't think she should die. In many poems the people just die and some freak miracle should keep them all alive. So let some freak miracle happen to her and let her live.

  • 14 years ago

    by Jacklyn

    well if you do decide she lives than you would have to have someone realize the hurt shes been through and be with her every step of the way to show her that someone does care. then it will show how people need others to survive and that this girl was lucky enough to get just that near her almost end.

    if you decide that she should die, then it should show how society cares to much about there busy days to stop and realize the help she needs. the world lately seems to revolve around money and what they are going to buy next or what they are going to spend thier money on, it seems like people seem to care more about themself than others. so maybe if she dies it can be a wake up call to those who would have just passed her by, a wake up call to those who would have figured "O someone else can deal with her" the message to this poem is that you can make a difference so stop letting those chance pass you by!

    ~but thats just my opinion, and maybe you didn't want my answer to this. you made a wonderful poem and it is a delight to see new ones from you! this poem once you decide her fate can sure show a lot of meaning and a strong message! tell me once you decide so i can read to see what you thought was the best finish for her!~

    ~PLP~ lil slam~ lots of hugs and love~