I Should Have Held On

by allison   Jul 19, 2005

This time is for real, there's no turning back
I have to tell you how I feel, Love for you is what I lack

I'm sorry I haven’t told you sooner, I was to scared
Scared that you would be mad at me for saying I never cared

Being with you just seems wrong, It never felt right
I guess Im just about to give up on my fight

I tried and tried I really did
But every time I saw you I could’ve ran and hid

I wanna get out, this is taking to long
Why won’t you listen it’s the end, it’s all wrong

Don’t try and get me back, Im walking away
Walking away from you, Here I cannot stay

I go home and shed tear
Wonder why you aren’t here

I guess now you won’t be beside me again
I wanted to do this, so why am I feeling so much pain

My friends see me crying but they don't know why
They ask me, but I stick to a lie

They would help me, I know they would
But I really don't think they could

Im so lost now, I'm coming to an end
Why is it your not here with advice to lend

I miss and love you so much I wish you knew
I hope to god that one day I will hear “I love you too”

*Hi, I hope you like this poem, I did. It means alot to me and if you could please rate and comment it would mean so much.
Love Always, Take Care
Allison *


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  • 17 years ago

    by Andrea

    awesome poem. it flowed awesomely

  • 17 years ago

    by Sean Allen

    I think this poem was pretty good, but could have been better if the rhyme scheme wasn't quite as simple as it was. Still, the message was strong and you did a good job.