Drving Under The Influence (Of You)

by allison   Nov 23, 2006

She sets the phone down,
silent tears fall down her face.

Open the door, go outside.
Hop in the car, needing a long pointless drive.

Speed up, adrenaline kicking in.
Whoa, Slow Down. You Tell Yourself.

Driving like your in a movie
all you wanna do is get away.

You have gotten lost too many times
Not on The streets;
In love.

Had you known what would happen,
Would you have done it?

Where is he now?
Is He with her? Why Bother.

All these thoughts in your mind before you see that car,
heading fast towards you.

The End.

* Well Hey, Thanks For Reading. Just So You Know This Poem Isint DOne, But I Wanted to Get It Up Here To Get Some Advice.
Soo If you Comment Thanks Much, I\\\'ll Return The Favor.
Much Love.


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