Memories Of Yesterday

by Karla Gordon   Jan 5, 2006

Memories Of Yesterday
by Karla Gordon

Time has gone too fast, please stop
I thought there was always more time
When I was small I yearned to be older
My childhood was gone in a flash
Responsibility makes the time go too fast
Working, cleaning, cooking too much for a day
Assuming my babies would be small forever
Each moment they were growing more and more
Sitting, crawling, talking, walking
Stay still my little baby, let me hold you close
Let me feel your warmth upon my chest
Laying my cheek against yours
Keeping you with me, so sweet and innocent.
"No Mommy! Let me go!" You would yell!
Running, playing and learning all the more
Someone please, I beg you, stop that clock
My babies will not stop growing, soon they will leave
Leaving only memories of when they were so small
Never realizing time is too fast, it will not stop
Rushing to be older, smarter, and all on their own
Never realizing there is no going back
What we have each day is to be cherished
For tomorrow is never the same day twice
Sit with me a while, talk with me and share
Be my little baby for just one more day
Let me rock you, holding you like I did before
Soon you will be too big to hold upon my lap
Being left only with memories that will begin to fade
Realizing I let the most important time slip far away!


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Latest Comments

  • 14 years ago

    by Gary Jurechka

    This is wonderful.You have summed up the feelings only a parent watching his/her children grow.The years do pass so quickly and the y are grown before we know it.I raised my daughter myself and she's now 23 living her own life a couple hours away in another city.We are happy to see them make their own way into the world, but they leave behind so many memories that still can't fully fill the empty spot in home and heart.You have said everything so perfectly and with such great detail and imagery, most of all you capture so well the intensity of emotion so many of us have experinced or are yet to experience.Beautiful.

  • 14 years ago

    by Cuddles

    Wonderfullly written, Karla! Beautiful!