The Lost Souls Destiny

by SweetxMisery   Aug 8, 2006

Were walking through life
looking for happiness
looking for a dream
but we dont find it
& were forced to fake a smile
one that was stitched at the seams
one thats cheaper than surgery
& more believable than botox
its easier than opening up
& allowing others to open the locks

We convince ourselves
that we've fooled them well
but soon enough we fall apart
& only time will tell
in this world your dreams dont come true
because everything is fake, just like you

With no hope or happiness
we start thinking that maybe we were wrong
maybe we've been walking in the wrong direction
one that leaves us in a dead end
left alone in despair with no recollection
soon enough we will just want to stop
we dont know anymore than what we've been taught

Give us some direction, anything at all
even just knowing "where X marks the spot"
but is it treasure were looking for?
or a place to rest our head?
before we know it we end up at a gravesite
with a lovely white cross
we've found it, our "X"
its our sign
that its our time

& as we begin to lose our minds
thats when we decide to pull the trigger
its all too much & we cant cope
so we give up & pull the rope
"see you on the other side"
is what we say
"I've heard its wonderful with white lights"

Its what we've been waiting for all along
its our escape, where we belong
maybe the voice wasnt so crazy
the one taunting us in our head
because the truth has been told
in this life we are better off dead.


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  • 15 years ago

    by Choose xX Alex Xx Life

    This is really cool i loved it so much its was really long but really worked with me dont change it its fine like this :):):)
    the poem was good :):):):) will ya comment on some of my poems please i like as much feedback as poss thnx hunni xxxx alex xxxx