My Saviour

by SweetxMisery   Aug 14, 2006

To you it may be completely worthless
but to me its all I have
my nothing is my everything
& for Id do anything
your my escape, my escape from it all
you never disappoint me as I begin to fall
even when I have fallen to an all new low
your the one I can count on
when everyone has left my side
they were all imaginary anyway
they were only there to taunt me as I cried
their the ones who push you & push you
until you've went over the edge
your convinced that your already gone
& that your finally dead
but it's just a sick trick
cause they keep you around
just to hear your screams
& to haunt you in your dreams
now they've stolen everything
everything I could call my own
but they forget one friend
the one who allows you to feel again
the one who takes you away to that special place
when there was no one to turn to
my friend came to save me
& to give me one last chance to escape
my cry for help was answered that day
when my razor came to take me away...


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