When your thoughts take over

by SweetxMisery   Aug 14, 2006

These thoughts
they do nothing for me
& they do nothing for you
why do I go to the trouble
by analyzing them to pieces
Im just waisting my time
cause all it does is get me closer & closer
to completely losing my mind

I cant help myself
& you cant help me
cause as time goes by
I just slip away
further & further
all I wanted was to feel free
even if it was all fake
& I was completely fooled
fabricated happiness is fine with me
anything is better than these tormenting thoughts
if it was up to me
I would just lie in my bed
letft alone to just rot

Im not even me anymore
Im being slowly erased from my mind
pretty soon I'll just go crazy
& the real me will be left behind
these thoughts have taken over
they've cheated me out of my life
now all I can think about
is stabbing myself in the heart
with a beauitful shiny knife

I cant save myself, Ive become a disease
so let me do what I set out to do
& allow me to kill the enemy, please!
I can feel myself fading away
& I dont care
soon enough Ill disappear completely
& all be nothing but air

"I" was gone a long time ago
after my thoughts took over my mind
so you can go looking for "me"
all you want
but rest assure
it wont be me
that you'll find..


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