by SweetxMisery   Aug 14, 2006

Will things ever get better?
& can we ever change?
until we get a better outlook
things will always be the same
everything is soo superficial
our standards are unreachable
nothing ever seems quite fair
& just when you think you might be good enough
the discrimination seems too much to bare

We fear rejection
& the hurt that comes with it
we find it hard to trust people
& miss out on something special
our feelings we'd rather not show
we continue to wonder what we're looking for
the feeling of safety we don't want to let go

All we'd reall like is to be accepted
for once class just shouldn't be an issue
dividing people just creates problems
were really not that different
all we want is to be happy
& make a friend or two
You and I are just human
I'm really just like you.


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