Beautiful Bruises

by SweetxMisery   Sep 28, 2006

They mark a memory
one of hurt
you can feel the hurt by a single touch
it's a reminder of the pain
inflicted on you
so if you ever feel to numb
just press against your skin
& just like a flashback
you re-live it all over again
until they've fully healed
there's no denying what is true
the violence, torture & hate
was all for you
you can hide & you can run
but nothing can erase the mistake you've done
what was it this time?
a broken glass?, did you raise your voice?
it's hard to believe
but you do have a choice
he cant control you forever
leaving is an option
but she refuses
she'd rather remain alone
with her beautiful bruises..


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  • 14 years ago

    by Jenni Marie

    Awwwh. Very sad, but very well written.