My Death Wish

by SweetxMisery   Aug 14, 2006

These dreams
they do something to me
that no one else can
they take me away
to somewhere I've never been
they make me believe
that I can start over
& allow my new life to begin

It's like I wasnt supposed to be here
& I was meant to be in this dream
where Im happy & free
its a feeling thats hard to desribe
the feeling that you can just be!

There's no more worrying
& no more tears
the horrible memories
& deadly thoughts
no longer cross my mind
when I'm with the others
in my neverending dream
I feel like I'm their kind

Maybe it was too good to be true
as a wave crashes down upon me
I can't catch my breath
this is it I guess
I'm finally meeting death
but don't worry I got what I wanted
there's finally some peace in my eyes
cause all along I truly wanted to die

My worst fear was drowning
but I wanted to die in my sleep
I guess things evened out for me
cause this was my destiny
where I was supposed to be all along
it's what I've been searching for
it's where I belong..


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