LoVe Of My LyFe

by aisyned   Jan 12, 2007

His hair light brown,
truthful eyes,
when you look into them,
you see no lies,

his strong arms,
making it so i don't fall,
they are like canes,
making me stand tall,

his personality,
sweet and kind,
loving and caring,
he is always on my mind,

nothing with him to hide,
no reason to lie,
he always makes me feel better,
and lifts my spirit high,

he is the reason my world spins,
he is the reason I'm in love,
he is my one and truly,
sign from above,

when he is sad,
i can't help but frown,
and try my best,
to turn that frown upside down,

he is the sun,
when my day is gray,
sometimes what he says makes me speechless,
and i have to quickly think of something to say,

when i hear his voice,
my heart skips a beat,
and i can feel my hearts furnace,
began to heat,

when it is time to go,
my heart sinks low,
even though my sadness,
i try not to show,

he is my oxygen,
that i need to breathe,
and my one hope,
is he never will leave,

i was like the stranded princess,
he the shining knight,
he saved me from my tower,
and holds me with all his might,

he thinks I'm an angel,
with wings and a halo,
one thing i think he is,
he is my hero,

no need to cry,
with him by my side,
he returned something to me,
he returned my pride,

my heart used to be broken,
but he sewed it back together,
he brings me warmth,
in cold and snowy weather,

with him in my life i have no reason to cry,
i have no reason to give up on life,
all i have to do is talk to him,
and he helps me through my strife,

when my day has been full of grief,
he always finds a way to make it brighter,
and when I'm holding in my problems,
he takes off some loads and makes it lighter,

i used to have a saying,
i don't believe no more,
but it was because,
my heart was a target for torture,

roses always die,
loves never true,
so get over it,
because no one wants to be with you,

he let me in on life,
and changed my thought,
and i love him,
without a doubt,

so say what you want,
i don't care,
cause i know one thing,
he will always be there,

the only question i have is does he love me back,
even if he does't i will still love him,
but if he doesn't,
it probably will make my heart a little bit dim,

he is the half that makes me whole,
he holds the key to my heart,
he is the love of my life,
and i know he will never let me fall apart.......................

by,denysia Chapman-madden


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Latest Comments

  • 15 years ago

    by The lil angel

    Love the poem and thax 4 the comment means a lot

  • 15 years ago

    by John

    Roses always die,
    loves never true,
    so get over it,
    because no one wants to be with you

    this verse is awesome. story of my life!
    i hope you the best

  • 15 years ago

    by Princess of snow

    This poem is so beautiful...
    what the words say are just so true
    really sweet
    thanks for the comment on my poem
    you're a great writer

    well the guy in the poem died.....=(

  • 15 years ago

    by DeadGirl AKA Becka

    Golly Denysia, that was beautiful!!! your love for him is soo strong!!! Keep all your hard work going!!!! 5/5 from me.

    Your buddy, your Pal- DeadGirl