I cried today but not out of sadness

by aisyned   Jan 18, 2007

Today i cried,
but for once not out of sadness,
it's because he said i was his BEST FRIEND,
he has brought me out of the darkness,

when he said it my heart got a glow,
i don't feel like I'm just another girl,
i feel special,
like I'm wanted in the world,

you say that is a stupid reason to cry,
but not if you know what i have been though,
if you did,
you would wish he said it too you,

the best guy i ever met,
the best guy i know,
i do love him,
but when im with him i try to make it so it doesn't show,

You probably think that I'm overly happy,
but I'm not I'm ecstatic,
kind of like if i one a million dollars,
and if you think that I am making this up,
your sick,

I cried today,
but not of sadness,
it is because he said i was his BEST FRIEND,
and brought me out of the darkness..........................

By,Denysia Chapman-madden


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