What i deserve

by aisyned   Jan 18, 2007

I tell myself this,
and what I'm about to say,
just to let you know,
isn't bliss,

i am a disgrace,
a person who deserves no love,
a person who,
shall never reach heaven above,

i am a person,
destiny to be hurt,
and treated,
like dirt,

who should live in hell,
and get put in pain everyday,
wait I'm not done,
so don't turn away,

skin should always burn,
life stay miserable,
i know your thinking,
that what your thinking is brutal,

no i deserve it,
for not being pretty,
i am nothing,
nothing but a pity,

i deserve it,
for being a wimp,
i should,
get beat up by a pimp,

your thinking you are a phys-co,
well no I'm not but i deserve punishment,
you know what i am,
i am a born accident,

so torture me now,
make cuts on my skin,
make me feel pain,
and starve me till I'm thin........................

by,Denysia Chapman-madden


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