Here's to you

by Drusus Bathory   Mar 23, 2007

Guns from your father
Guns from your hip
Guns for pride
before a stupid trip

Left at the table
Left at the tree
Left is right
when your mind is free

Stand on a mountain
Stand on a whim
Stand in a chair
when you lost a limb

Fight for your future
Fight for your rights
Fight until nobody's
left in your sights

Love in the springtime
Love in the Fall
Love it man
and stand tall


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  • 14 years ago

    by Jessica

    Before a stupid trip
    ^ I think you should use a different word other than "stupid" it would make people take your poetry more seriously.

    when you lost a limb
    ^ This didn't really make very much sense to me in the context of the stanza. But maybe other people get it.

    Love it man
    ^ Again, I think you should use a different word other than "man" because it sounds like you are using slang.

    This was a good poem, I liked the repitition in it yet I felt the rhymes let you down a little. When reading the poem I felt that the rhymes were just used for the sake of rhyming and that they didn't really make that much sense in context to the poem. Still, I liked the subject and the way you displayed it. Nice job 4/5

  • 14 years ago

    by .K.i.T.t.Y.

    Hmm. I decided after all the "debate" you posted on your thread, and your pride of your poems, I decided to check some out.

    First off, I'd like to say this poems pretty good. But what is up with the parallel structure? Lately, that's all I really see. I'm not saying I don't like parallel structure, but it is a bunch. The repitition though, happens to sound nice. I like it. But, I don't like the lack of details. It's just not reaching its full depth or length, depnding on how you want to say it.


  • 14 years ago

    by Catherine

    Wow, I really love this one. It has real meaning.

  • 14 years ago

    by Jacqui Armstrong

    Wow =)
    loved this, really diferent sort of poem, and really expressive!
    well done.


  • 14 years ago

    by ShootingStar179

    I didn't really like the repetition(sp?). It didn't give the poem as much depth as it could have acheived. I love the message but it's just too vague. I don't know anything about the accident(if that's what happened). I just don't like the lack of details.

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