Forever, You're My Tiny Dancer

by IdTakeABulletForYou   Jun 19, 2007

My dear mommy,
Laying soft within eternal beds.
Singing to me; lullabies.
So soft,
Inside my Head.

My one treasured soul,
Such silver filling,
Trimmed with gold.
My mommy,
My mommy,
I'll never let you go.

All the years have gone.
I'm sitting in my room, alone.
The screams, the hugs,
the tears and smiles...
Wishes that you made come true
forever I give thanks to you.

You gave me strength,
You gave me love.
I know I'll never get enough...
Now that your baby's moving on,
although you are already gone.

Tears of joy and sadness,
sitting in my room,
remembering the times
I told you "Sunscreen"
every day gone to the beach.

You were just one victim
(only one more small statistic)
of this thing known as Skin Cancer.

When I hear you late at night
It's in the form of music.
A small and pretty music box
you gave to me before you Died.

The music box contains a dancer,
spinning round and round to music.
Always, you will be that dancer.
To hear you,

And you will spin, until I shut it,
Not able to hold my tears.
But I know I'll lift the lid,
and let you dance for many years...

You're not dead mom, and at this point you may see this poem as a little morbid, but I just wrote this cause I want you to know exactly what I will aways know you as: The sweet and loving mother who adopted a troublesome child, given no hope by anyone to succeed, and look at me now. We both know that the Center I had been at told you that it was a risk to adopt me, and surely there have been troublesome times and there still are, but it's all for the best. Just look at me now, mom. Two more years and I'll be an adult, and you, I hope you know, will not be alone. Of course, you'll have dad, but most importantly you will have me. This is no apology for the troubles that I have brought, or the ripples in our family pool that I have created, but this is merely saying that no matter how this all turns out, you'll always be a soft, melodic, rythmic dancer forever dancing inside my heart.

I love you mom.

~Stephen White


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Latest Comments

  • 6 years ago

    by Brenda

    Stephen, I really liked this a lot. It gives a lot of insight to you. You have succeeded in becoming a responsible adult despite the obstacles you had in front of you. Your adoptive mom saw you not as a troubled child but a child that needed love and she gave that unconditionally - this shows in this lovely poem you wrote for her. Well done-

  • 6 years ago

    by Em

    Pass me the tissues!!

  • 6 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Obviously this is a long time ago and I have no idea how things turned out with your Mum. I hope she recovered but if she didn't, I'm sure she was very proud of you and this poem if she got to read it.
    From what I have read of your work and comments, you have turned into an articulate and intelligent young man; that sure sounds like progress from the child you admitted being!

    Take care, Stephen,


    • 6 years ago

      by IdTakeABulletForYou

      This is actually surprisingly quite good. I don't think my mom ever read it, I'll have to show it to her. Thank you for reawakening me to this piece, and for also appreciating the journey it's taken me to get to where I am. As well, thank you for your time :)


  • 15 years ago

    by hippiehxc

    Awh. Stephen. This is the sweetest thing I've ever read.<3
    I love it.
    I'm sure she appreciates it too.