Break Free!

by BleedingAngel   Jun 30, 2007

She wakes up,to face another day
Stands in front of the mirror,but looks away
No one was ever there,to break her fall
She is still here,but her eyes says it all

She stares empty,at her swollen face
Another night of fighting,never ending maze
He left her crying and broke down her door
Now all that's left,is broken glass on the floor

She tries to live with it and covers her face with makeup
Tomorrow will be better,he promised her to stop
She washes her face and gets herself together
Trying to make everything perfect,tries to do better

She cleans up the mess and the broken glass
2 years of living like this,time in hell moves so fast
She use to smile,while feeling dead inside
Now her outside is dead as well,she can not hide

They said she would end up like this,or dead
He took control and manipulated with her head
Tears are rolling again and she cuts herself deep
So use to pain and doesn't notice that she bleeds

Thinks of things in life,that made her this way
What made her chose a man,who beats her every day
Was it her father,who always hit her mother?
And made her take care of her sisters and brothers

Was it that her mother in the end,committed suicide
And she was not there,to try and safe her life
She wants to get out,but does not know how
Like he once told her,they are too involved now

She needs to open her eyes and see what she can be
She can be happy,but most of all she will be free
But this is her reality,this is her messed up life
The next time he will kill her,when he grabs the knife

He has threatened to kill her,many times before
He has already gotten her soul,she doesn't care anymore
She hears his keys and wipe away her tears
Tries to fake a smile,to hide her deepest fears

He kisses her like nothing happened last night
He's got the power and he WILL win the fight
She it trapped forever,she is under her spell
She is going to live forever in this hell

Copyright 2007 - Sabrina Stelmach


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by just ashley

    This poem has alot of emotions! i really love this poem. keep up the good work.

  • 13 years ago

    by Raychil

    I liked the imagery in this. The description and messge were very well written and the poem as a whole was amazing. You're a great writer. This story is so full of sadness and its good that you can capture that.