Never, Never, NEVER!

by Natasha   Dec 14, 2007

Never show your fears,
to the one that wants your life.
Never cry your tears,
to the one that holds the knife.

Never pray for mercy,
from a dead or dying soul.
Never show compassion,
if surviving is your goal.

Never bow your head,
to the one holding the gun.
never fall to your knees,
don't let him think he's won.

Never let yourself be taken,
to the second place of crime,
Please pay attention to my words,
please listen to my rhyme.

I have no right,
telling you what to do.
But I know of my own experiences,
I know my words are true.

Never show your tears,
to the one that wants you dead,
Never show your fears,
He can never have your head.

Please remember what I've told you,
please remember what you've read.


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Latest Comments

  • 13 years ago

    by Solus

    Never again will I let that demon know how much he wounded me....instead if I ever catch up with that thing it will be he who weeps.....

  • 13 years ago

    by InvisibleHourglass

    I loved the innocence you described by what weaknesses we show