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My name is Alyson, but most people call me Ally. Anyways some people just have to understand. That no matter how bad life gets, you shouldn't let everything inside hurt you. Writing is a good way to express feelings. Don't regret anything because just remember at the time you wanted it. I believe in god, I don't know if he is true or not I need scientific proof but for now i have faith, Keep living, **holding on is harder then it seems when your reaching for so much more**. In the end that’s when it is really worth it. Most of my poems are about a heartache or drama in my life. Most people can relate, I have a hard time showing my feelings in real life and I choose to hide them. But in poetry I feel free like anything I write is from me, no one is telling me how to write it what to do. But don't get me wrong I like when people use constructive criticism, so please if you think I need to change something tell me and I will be honest and do the same for you. Ally

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  • Cold hearted and left alone
    always apart, never letting go
    nightmares of nothing seeming
    a request of one last goodbye, dreaming

    14 years ago
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  • All my love has been taken My once full heart is broke from breaking

    15 years ago
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  • I wish it was easy to erase and cut out the memories in your mind instead of on your skin

    15 years ago
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