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I am Stephanie Blair Totten. I'm a proud Canadian and maritiiiiiiimer. I'm having the time of my life in high school right now, the best days of my life and I hope they never end. I have the best boyfriend in the world and I love him more than life. I am a vegetarian and I am very compassionate about animals. Anyone that abuses an animal in any was should burn in the deepest levels of hell:)

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  • Their ignorant judgments enrage me,
    Only a few days ago, brought home in a casket...

  • Fiery eyes pierce him,
    He lies, limp in the palm of her hand...

  • A dis configured smile
    and big brown eyes...

  • Fly (2)

    Fly fly far away
    and take this broken heart of mine...

  • Act (1)

    I hear the words you're talking
    and I wonder, wonder if they're real...