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Sitting here in this chair thinking of what to write. I am old and getting older with each day that passes by. I share my wisdom such as it is with every poem that I do write. So please take what wisdom you can and leave the rest behind..............................

The featured poems happen to be my all time faverit that I have ever writen............................

Yes, I know I can't spell, And the spell check doesn't catch every thing. So if there is a word that needs fixed please let me know.

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  • Age : 36
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Latest Poems By Lecrissa

  • Standing at the cross roads
    Fighting my way back to reality...

  • My new years resolution
    Is to stay the hell clear of you...

  • Oh my I think I'm high
    All the things I could do to you...

  • I can see the beautiful girl,
    From yester year...

  • Living the dark side of reality.
    Where dreams are few...

Latest Quotes By Lecrissa

  • The night is my best friend, It hides all of my uglyness within. It makes every thing seem gray.So I can go on living another day.

    17 years ago
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  • Most mix up love with lust, Lust is an act with no emotion. Love means you can trust.

    18 years ago
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  • Life's full of joys, Life's full of pain, Even with all I've been through I would do it all over again.

    18 years ago
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