Favorite Poems of Kalgalath

  • Losing Interest

    by Beverly Chapman

    Written 01/23/2003
    My feelings are confirmed...

  • Love Although Dim Will Never Fade. (12)

    by Courageous Dreamer

    My forlorn heart still flutters
    as it still remains in one piece...

  • Waiting (4)

    by HeatherJo

    Every day I see your face
    every day same time, same place...

  • If dreams could come true ,
    then I would be with you...

  • I know you don't... (1)

    by Sorefromreality

    I know you don't love me
    So do I even try...

  • This is your left foot,
    These are your right feet...

  • Ode to a Toaster (6)

    by omgitsmina

    Oh toaster, how you do shine
    You give me toast all of the time...

  • I hopee Im finally over you.. (1)

    by Nikkii babyy xox

    Whats the point of falling
    when i know hell never catch me...

  • Thoughts of you (3)

    by moonlil

    My thoughts are full of you
    day and night i dream about you...

  • The girl at night (1)

    by purplemadness

    The girl at night
    When I close my eyes I see...

  • Ice and Fire (14)

    by Rachel RTVW

    Ice and Fire as we are,
    Though you're near, your heart strays far...

  • Yearning For You (1)

    by Nikoshiana

    Yearning For You...

  • If I Could (7)

    by Jenni Marie

    If I could be with anyone
    It would be with you...

  • Key (21)

    by David

    The key to my heart,
    Forgotten, its vague memory long since have part...

  • I have been turned away from the gates of heaven,
    Because of the deadly sins, i did commit all...