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all of these poems on here were written more than a year ago. I went back and read them the other day and.. well they really aren't very good. But i keep them on because they remind me of when i wrote them. I was in real pain.. but I would do anything to go back to that summer..
I don't know if I will ever post anything on here again. My name is Lindsey and maybe someday I will make something of myself. For now I can suffer.

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  • Let me slice you a story
    right here on my wrist
    let it bleed
    let it rot
    let fill full of cists.

    16 years ago
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  • Deadly poison tears my veins
    caught in these bloody chains
    Ghostly Horror fills my soul
    making me invisible.

    16 years ago
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  • If today is yesterday's tomorrow,and tomorrow's yesterday...then what is the point of today?

    17 years ago
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