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I seem normal and happy on the outside and sometimes I am on the inside but other times im not, I have a black hole which sucks up all my happiness but not hope becuz that will always be around (pandoras box) hope will give me strength... I am a strong person I know I am. Most of my poems are emotion based. I believe that is where some of the best work ever written comes from... emotion! without emotion where would we be? without hope how could we live? I've been hurt many times and I rely on friends and family to pick me up- they are a great power source for strength durring weak times. Life was ment to be hard, my poems are basically me releasing emotion.
I've been writting poetry since before I was ten I've always loved to write and I want to study journalism when I'm older. Some of my fave poets include: *** mike *** cherry *** Rohit *** Tania *** undying blusher *** brooke *** sarahjane *** angel wednesdae *** kayla *** xtine *** Rachele *** - Rachele is my sister just so you know - they are all very talented poets and their work is worth reading!

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  • What is life without death? eternity in life? or eternity in death?

    15 years ago
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  • My mum told me this and her mum told her:

    the person with no shoes thought they had it bad untill they saw the person with no legs.........

    15 years ago
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  • *~cry a tear and release a fear~*

    15 years ago
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