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There's not much to say, I'm weird but in a funny way, a bit of a comedian , and really emotional,i feel both love and loss deeply. 5'11" Brown Hair, Medium Build, Turquoise Eyes. All my poems about love and depression are from experience, as i keep being asked lol. p.s life sucks certain unmentionable part of a donkey's anatomy.

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  • Roaming through a wasteland, swimming through...
    Reaching for a helping hand, that just isn't there...

  • Tattoo (2)

    Silver needle driving deeper,
    Ink expanding like a creeper...

  • Oh my god, it just won't come
    The words just will not flow...

  • The darkness in this place enfolds
    As each sweet tendril shapes and moulds...

  • I look deep into the glass and right there you...
    Arm outstretched in kindness, offering your hand...

Latest Quotes By enfant du tordu chagrin

  • Its always those memories which you wish would fade that are the hardest to lose

    16 years ago
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  • The epitaph i want

    A scarred heart, a shattered will
    Memories of which I’ve had my fill
    Unhealed wounds, a mind lost
    Of my life this was the cost
    Loneliness, Despair and so much Pain
    That was my life, in the main

    16 years ago
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  • The scars run deep, the wounds don’t close
    Results of the path I unwittingly chose

    16 years ago
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