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I've recently realized that I have changed enormously in the past few years...

Four years ago, I was quiet.. empty.. and suicidal. I claimed that I was bi, because I wanted to be able to pretend to be straight when I was around certain people.

Two years ago, I was a devout Christian... struggling with an SI(Self Injury) addiction. I claimed I was bi only to people I could absolutely trust... but I swore I was trying to overcome my attraction to women, because I believed that homosexuality was wrong, while secretly dating a girl that claimed she loved me BECAUSE she claimed she loved me, even though she treated me horribly.

Today, I do well enough to believe in even a Creator on a good day.. I am no longer suicidal, and I have beaten my SI addiction. I am a lesbian, and have no problem admitting that.

There are some things that have never changed about me though... I am a writer. I am a singer, and an artist. And I hope to one day be a teacher.

Welcome to my poetry.

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Latest Poems By Crossiance

  • 3.29.08
    Broken little happiness...

  • I wait for you in darkness
    To pull me into your light...

  • "And we'll dance under our moon again,"
    Says Imaginary Night...

  • Off to the land of rest and dreams
    Where nothing is as it seems...

  • One thousand raindrops fall...
    They fall for you...

Latest Quotes By Crossiance

  • You never know what lies beyond your sanity...

    14 years ago
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  • You are my LIGHT.

    I can't let go of the light amidst the darkness...
    without it the candle burns out..
    the darkness takes over..
    and my life ends.

    14 years ago
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  • The extreme source of emptiness
    That ever lies inside
    Strengthened in longevity
    As the hours slowly pass by.
    But soon it evaporates--
    With the addition of a new friend;
    the creation of a new love,
    And a sorrow at the end.

    14 years ago
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