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Wow.. i havent been on this site in about a year just to come back now and see all my old work :) - feels nice.

Lets see..So hi.. im Lisa. ive been writing since the beginning of grade 5.. what is that? like 12 years old? 11? -- but the stuff thats on here is from 14 and up. Im almost 17 now, I love poetry thats drenched with emotion, the kind that gives you those shivers up your spine whether they be from wishing you had or fearing what the poem describes, and just for the record, i am not suicidal - although many of my poems touch on the topic.

Hope you read.rate&comment:)

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  • The surface scratched with wounds, one cut
    after another, bleeding, but...

  • Convince me otherwise, I beg you
    For I've induced it in my mind by now...

  • So where do I even commence?
    My feelings, like a drifting cloud, never stop...

  • The boulder was lifted, that kept me from...
    Beneath it, this whole time, my heart had been...

  • When you mess up, ill still be here
    waiting around to wipe each tear...

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  • Take time to define your enemy, because nothing its worse than going against the unknown.

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  • @...mutation.is.failed.perfection...@

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  • @..."Her story has eight legs to it,
    And plenty of odd spins.
    The black widow they call her.
    Queen of a thousand sins."

    A quote from my poem Black Widow..check it out if you'd like:)...@

    12 years ago
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