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I just want you to feel the same way I do. I want you to appreciate my work, the way I appreciate yours. When I honsety make a comment on your poem, why cant you just do the same...? I know i'm nothing special, I dont write them because I think there amazing, there my personal expression. My deepest thoughts and feelings. Half of them dont even make sense! Just some girls views, on some of my worlds abuse. so please stop telling me lies.HEY GUYS I READ THE SWEETEST LITTLE POEM THE OTHER DAY, CALLED 'BELOVED BROWNIES' BY PICKLE. IT IS REALLY LOVELY. ITS BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE A LITTLE GIRLS POEM HAS MADE ME SMILE SO MUCH. CHECK IT OUT GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • A descreet release of beauty gracefully drugs my pain.
    Falling from where my eyes first encountered lust of the heart,
    The beauty bleeds and bleeds untill numbed.
    I Cry.

    14 years ago
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  • Are you complete?
    Are you okay?
    Is this where you saw your self,
    When you stood back a million miles away?

    14 years ago
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