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i used to be into romance like poems an books but then i kinda woke up to see that no matter how much we try, we can't forget that somethings r just not meant to b - trying to get over HIM...its so hard..coz everytime i c him it all comes bk to me with a crash..i keep reminding myself that it takes time..

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  • Moving on
    We were young...

  • I try so hard to forgive; I try so hard to forget,
    But it never works...

  • Worry (1)

    I was so worried,
    But there was nothing I could do...

  • I hope (2)

    I hope you know what you mean to me
    I hope that you will always be here for me like...

  • I'm on my knees and I'm confessing.
    I didn't mean to treat you the way I did...

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  • The only thing i'm sure of is that i made the right decision to leave you, because in life, sacrifices have to be made and i made mine.

    Now all i want is for you to move on so this guilt i feel inside for your pain will some how go away...

    13 years ago
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  • He tells me to bury the memories but when he comes desperate to dig them up again, they'll be gone.

    13 years ago
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  • I love how your hand is always in mine when we fight..

    13 years ago
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