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My name is Ashley im 19 and im pregnant with a baby girl! i live with my bf and i work part time at meijer while going to school full time at sinclair. I dont have too much time to write anymore but when i get some new stuff ill put it on here, i usually write sad stuff for life is depressing but now i have something happy to look foward to....if you have any questions just message me!

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Latest Poems By amoxi

  • Before I met you my life was bad
    You have me feelings that I've never had...

  • Ever since we were kids we were always together
    I never thought our ties would be severed...

  • Everytime he walks by i quiver,
    My stomach gets butterflies...

  • I my life so much
    Everyone laughs and points at me...

  • Sadness is the color of black like the night sky
    It sounds like a deserted;empty house...