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  • Perception is in the minds eye,
    but my eyes are gone...

  • The scent of love runs through the air as we walk...
    I do...

  • I feel so fragile without you here
    A single word could show my every fear...

  • I run the streets like a lost boy without parents...
    When the air is thick on stormy nights, sometimes...

  • A breeze brushes against my neck. I hear a soft...
    The wind begins to pick up again; I can feel...

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  • Cheek to cheek
    butt to butt
    everybody bust a nut!


    13 years ago
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  • And when shes crying
    hold her tight and tell her she's beautiful.
    And when shes smiling
    dance with her and act retarded
    And when she tells you her feelings
    believe every word she is saying.
    A girl in love
    Never lies to her lover

    15 years ago
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  • Falling in love is easy.
    its falling out, thats the hard part.

    15 years ago
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