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I can be outgoing. or i can be shy. really just depends on who i'm talking to.
I dont really care about the flow of a poem.. as long as it sounds good and it comes from the heart.. i think thats what makes a good poem.. Yes flow and rhyme are good but in my poetry its not a must.

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  • Nothing was ever the same again
    Once you started dating him...

  • I have always been that girl nothing more nothing...
    Just what I would like to say, for all those girls...

  • I can never trust you,
    Because you made me cry...

  • I recognize I am depressed.
    I know it is crazy...

  • I'm doing this because I love you,
    You're that person who made me care...

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  • I will always be second best to him!

    12 years ago
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  • I need to forget him.. but my heart is saying no!

    13 years ago
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  • How do they expect me to be alone? Everyone else is happy.. why cant i have that?

    13 years ago
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