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My thought process is very difficult to understand and because of that other have become completely lost within my vortex. i can be a very interesting and intelligent I know how to hold logical and objective conversation about anything. I am a very kind, humorous, loving but very deep person.

People always tell me that they are puzzled by me and they dont know what to think of me.

I work at Mc. Donalds :) have been there of a 3 year and love the people and the work.

I am a lesbian

If you want to know anything else just ask and i will always answer.

R.I.P Bailey--forever you will have my heart and be missed

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  • It is when you finally fall to the ground and feel you heart being torn apart that you truly understand what its like to really to loss you soul, all because of your love for someone else

    15 years ago
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  • My Life
    My Obsession
    My Depression

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  • It is time to leave but before i go i want you to know that you are stronger then you seem, prettier the you believe and that no matter the distance i will forever be in your heart

    16 years ago
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