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corruption is no different than cancer.. you can cut out the tumors rathr than solving the whole issue, thus power will exceed the mask, and inevedably conform everyone to their ways.. it only buys time at best... that is if you dont us confrehensive sustanic intervention... but noone see's this like i do. -Lance Hambler

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  • Age : 17
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  • Country : Canada
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  • Lost (9)

    I'm standing here inside my maze
    no way out, my thoughts a haze...

  • Life (6)

    No one knows what life's about
    all we do is fight and shout...

  • I'm sitting here inside my room
    the demons closer..they bring my doom...

  • Canibals will eat your flesh
    cut us up, scraped in mesh...

  • (one thing about doesn't rhyme so just...
    I can see the pain behind your eyes burning your...

Latest Quotes By Lance

  • When death shows it's final thanks,
    you know you've been damned.
    when death shows his truest face,
    a game shall hold death in your own hands.

    10 years ago
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  • You cannot balace someone
    who will not balance themself

    12 years ago
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  • Once you flow into the light
    eternal day or eternal Night
    choose you're path you must be wise
    for if you're not then hell will rise

    12 years ago
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