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+*¨^¨*+I feel so damn unpretty+*¨^¨*+
Welcome to my life ... I started writing poems when I split up with my boyfriend, we'd been together almost a year and we went through alot together, he was my first serious boyfriend and my first love. It's been a long, slow and painful few months but I'm finally learning to live my life without him. I'm trying not to write too many poems about him anymore as it always brings painful memories flooding back. I've been struggling with self-harm for two years now but I'm gradually doing it less and less, which is something I'm really pleased about! Check out my poems, I appreciate all comments and votes. Thanks.
♥•So what do you do when somebody you're devoted to suddenly stops loving you, and it seems they haven't got a clue of the pain that rejection is putting you through. Do you cling to your pride and sing 'I will survive', do you lash out and say 'How dare you leave this way', or do you hold in vain as they just slip away•♥
I don't have much time to write poetry anymore but I will try and add a poem every few weeks.
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  • You were in my arms, and I could feel your...
    Watching a film, my love coming out in sighs...

  • I lay here in the frozen darkness,
    Silent tears escaping my eyes...

  • Darkness consumes my hazy thoughts,
    My heart aches with every beat...

  • I sit here watching you, pen to paper,
    Waiting for words to flow from my heart...

  • I'm crumbling away more each day,
    And you don't seem to notice at all...

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  • When I needed you most when I needed a friend, you let me down now like I let you down then.

    I ♥ you Sam

    18 years ago
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  • Piglet sidled up behind Pooh. "Pooh," he whispered. "Yes, Piglet?" "Nothing," said Piglet, taking Pooh's paw. "I just wanted to be sure of you."

    18 years ago
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  • 'There's always going to be that one person, that no matter what they do or what they say, or how many times they may hurt you...you just can't let them go because they just mean so much to you'

    18 years ago
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