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I'm here to express how I feel by writing poetry. You probably won't understand how I feel. & You'll never really know me.

I like poetry, soccer and music. Music and poetry help me get through life.
I've been through a lot, more and less than others. Obviously.

If you wanna talk feel free to e-mail me.
Comment and vote on my poems, I'll always return the favor. Thanks.

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Latest Poems By And smiles hide everything

  • I miss you more than words can say
    I miss you every day...

  • I watched her cry
    As she begged to know why...

  • He promised her forever
    He promised her he would never...

  • ***I know, its not my best but I need to vent.***
    The past is always near...

  • ****Poem about people. Not necessarily about me...
    She looked into my eyes...

Latest Quotes By And smiles hide everything

  • Girl: He broke up with me.
    Friend: What happened?
    Girl: I showed him the real me...

    14 years ago
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  • I'm dying to show the real me...just one time.

    14 years ago
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  • The fading scars have started to reappear.

    14 years ago
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