Other Dark Quotes

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  • Being there just isnt enogh when he takes over and beats you, u just never want to leave that person untill one day you are dead

    by Emily
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  • Every Hell has an Angel. Even though her surroundings are filled with darkness, her heart will always remain pure.

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  • Can't you hear the choir now?
    Listen to the animals sing!
    Can't you hear the slaughterhouse bells?
    In the land of the pigs the butcher is king!

    by Laurenl
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  • Where hope has no champion, evil rules all.

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  • I was raped from my youth and thrown away on the street like an unwanted piece of garbage that no one could ever love or own

    by mathiax
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  • And then you left
    When I needed you the most
    I only have memories
    But they too are fading
    Away into darkness and mist.
    I'm feeling dead and alone.

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  • Black is a kiss the touch of the serpents soul.

  • And in the box was a black rose, with a blood red needle thrust into its heart. And a note with a date, a time, and a place.
    The young girl smiled knowing what sent her the box.

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  • I swear I sign my name in blood. - Hawthorne Heights

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  • "Hate the sin, love the sinner."

    -Mahatma Ghandi

    by Silver
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