Nobody's Child

by Debbylyn

Nobody's child cries alone in the dark
Soured milk mixed in her tears leave a mark
Blonde curls in tangles, nits in her hair
Shadows on walls keep her company there

Small tv set plays on, Dora, Blues Clues
Daddy loves liquor, neglected, abused
Mommy bipolar, won't take her meds
Nobody's child forgotten instead

Endless the loneliness, hungry, in pain
Heartbreak, her ear aches, diapers unchanged
Medicine scrips lie crumpled, unfilled
Nobody's child eating crumbs that she spilled

Nobody's child falling fast through the cracks
Precious time lost, can never give back
New mommy holds her, dries her sad eyes
Heaven at last heard the sweet baby's cries

Nobody's child is gone for today
Somebody loves her, she smiles and she plays
Arms hug her closely, tender the care
If she's hungry or lonely, her angel is there


Submission date : 2007-05-20
Last edit : 2007-05-20

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Rating : 4.8

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Latest comments

Eithne at 2015-10-23

A really really moving piece.

Sarwar Ferrarri at 2015-11-02

Moving ....

Milly Hayward ( F C D ) at 2016-03-03

What a beautiful poem, really lovely story, great rhyming and a happy ending

Em ( F P C D ) at 2016-04-10

What a moving piece with a happy ending. Such a shame this happens all too often.

Good rhyme and flow, Em

debbylyn ( F P C D ) at 2016-04-11

True story, and I agree! It is sad what goes on in many cases... Thanks for the comments Em

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