As my soul touches the moon

by Finalgravedigger   Aug 20, 2008

Marvels and mysteries surround our earth
As ideas and answers are always given birth
Gravity sustains us to stay on the ground
But if souls should fly what would be found?

Eyes stare and look upon the blue yonder
As thoughts race drowning in wonder,
Stars shoot about leaving mouths agape
Spirits are inspired with souls that escape.

Slowly rising our spirits float to the above
Gravity, reality and society are simply shoved,
The crisp air keeps calling in everlasting silence
Hypnotized by the night we move in suspense.

The moon's glow drives souls off the planet
As fainted beams guide us to touch it's granite
Out of world experiences causes spirits and nature to align
With new divine eyes look upon life's ultimate design.


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  • 9 years ago

    by mnemosyne

    What a strong and beautiful piece. The imagery was absolutely beautiful; cryptic, and calming. Not much else to say, Dixiedaisy and Lonely Rider pretty much took my words from under me. (: Overall this is a very well written poem. The meter was solid, rhymes did not read forced, and it held a powerful meaning. Great job,

    Keep writing
    down the bones,

  • 9 years ago

    by Andrea

    Amazing and inspiring! I've been through all your poems and this one is my favourite. You are truly gifted- your use of vocabulary and the manner in which you convey your underlying messages is remarkable! What more can i say...?WOW!!!

    (P.S. Incorrect spelling may detract from your poetry at times)

    Nevertheless, outstanding work!!

  • 9 years ago

    by Shellaine shelli

    Oh my gosh, wow your words were so beautiful and detailed. the images that your words portrayed were absolutely stunning, in my mind i could see everything and created like a fantasy. a truly beautiful and enchanting write. great job and keep it up cos you are really talented!! x

  • 9 years ago

    by Momentary Relapse

    The imagery in this one is definitely something I enjoyed. This is one of those that can be opened to interpretation. I do like the last stanza. And with the continual mention of the sky and stars etc, it tied all together rather nicely.

  • Such a powerful poem! it just shows the talent you have with words. good job. i'll be reading more. thank you for your comment on my poem. *me and mr. razor*