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hello wonderful people!! let me tell you a little about me... as you all know my name is adayenci(yeah i know wierd, but i love it and that's all that counts=) i'm a very random person. i like to be unique because some people today are too over rated. i'm also a perfectionist. and if i don't get what ever i'm doing the way it's supposed to be i freak out and re do it. yeah i know PHYSCHO!! but that's who i am. also i'm known to be a brutally honest person. but oh well some people can't handle the truth. i like telling it like it is because i want them to do the same with me. unlike others i don't get butt hurt.
i'm also a picky person, but mostly on my food and my boyfriends, but i do like to give people a chance to express the way they really are. eventhough i'm a little crazy i'm fun to hang out and love writting poetry. poetry is like a drug for me. every time i have a problem i let it out. all i need is a paper and a pen.. that works... and my thoughts and i'm already set. i may not be a good writter, but my poetry comes from the depths of my heart. so i hope you like the poems i wrote. as i said before all the poems that i have submitted are based on my life, please read! thank you! if you want to meet me or talk to me in private you can send me e-mails and i sure will answer back.

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  • So my thoughts are constantly ransacking my brain.
    I think, I may be going insane...

  • I am lost at sea, with no one by my side.
    I am keeping my feet from the water for fear I'll...

  • Tearing my heart open
    Just to make you happy...

  • Flying through a cloud
    Dreaming about coming home...

  • I have fallen down and gotten back up,
    I am still fighting to figure out who I am...

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  • To be strong and still be standing has taken a lot of falling down and a lot of rain. Don't worry you're one of them.

    14 years ago
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  • If you love some one be with the one you love.
    If you hurt them let them go.
    If you think something beautiful can grow with some one else give them a chance.

    ~for Chanty~

    14 years ago
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  • I still love you, but each night I try to get my mind off you through pain. It fails and I dream of you making my pain even greater than shedding blood. (mom)

    15 years ago
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