Just Friends

by Light A Way   Dec 3, 2008

We started out as Friends,
Hanging out every weekend,
Joking about the funniest things,
I never thought something was there

I knew everything about you,
The songs that were your favorite,
All the dreams that you had,
I always encouraged you

Your hand held mine,
Whenever I was feeling sad,
You made me laugh so hard,
That all the pain just went away

You knew my favorite movies,
All the one's that made me cry,
You remembered my favorite food,
Ordering for me every time

My eyes never saw you,
Always standing at my side,
My heart just dismissed,
Any feelings I had for you

Whenever you just looked at me,
I had a funny little warm spot,
Starting deep within me somewhere,
And making me fell all tingly

I guess I'm falling in love with you,
And I can't seem to stop it,
From consuming every inch of me,
Making you all I can see

We started out as just friends,
But now we are so much more,
I guess I always had a hold on you,
Now it's stronger than ever before


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Latest Comments

  • 9 years ago

    by Hollymariee

    Awe this is so cute .. Really well done , I hope you keep writting . P.S , I love edward cullen too !

  • 9 years ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    Beautifully written piece that really tells how you were such good friends and then you started showing feelings for him. Nicely written, each paragraph grabbed my attention and was filled with so much emotions. Great job, keep it up! 5/5 from me...