Reality vs. Fantasy

by kevin Boundy AKA the ghost   Mar 25, 2009

This is a story of a fight
Between my hopes and my one true fear
Reality vs. Fantasy
This is one to remember dear

But which one makes me shudder
And which one lets me breath
This fight just begins
When I decide to leave

I vanish for a week
To get some time to think
Trying to keep my head above water
Struggling not to sink

When I finally come back
You tell me how much i was missed
I look back at you and your smile
Is just so hard to resist

You told me your done with your ex
That he is out of your life
I finally exhale at peace
My questioning mind is filled with strife

I fall back in love with you
My heart is back to fragile glass
I walk into our biology room
As usual you're not among the mass

I sit by my one friend left
Her confusion is now apprised
I ask her whats wrong
And she tells me shes surprised

For you had been to class every day
Since the day that I had left
I don't hear my heart beat because it seems
Yet again I'm the victim of your theft

I was such a fool
I really hope you had fun
The battle of reality and fantasy is over
It seems reality has won

I cant believe I thought things had changed
But I guess that is my claim to fame
I'm always the one whose broken
And things always remain the same

I was a complete idiot to think
My fantasy could actually be
My fear is now upon me
And a fatal reality is all thats left for me


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  • 8 years ago

    by DerXLoveIsDeadX

    I hope that one day you will find your fantasy girl and look back one this and laugh. I bet she is out there looking for you.