Fiery Summer (Nonet, Cinquain and Rictameter)

by Meena Krish   May 5, 2009

Summer arrives blazing the blue sky
on his path no cloud dares to stand,
he scalds earth with humid eyes
to crisp taste turn green lands
From the start of day
till nighttime hours
his fervent
breath sings

Scent of
burnt earth allures
his lady to join him,
charming her with his serenade

Sweet eyes
light with passion,
her soft voice melds with him.
Scarlet fire cloaks a rich forest
as shocking flames of her sultry love burns.
Elegant green robe fall from trees
splendor of the forest
blackens in her
sweet eyes

Written using three different poetry forms: Nonet then a Cinquain and Rictameter.

Nonet: line 1-9syl, 2-8syl, 3-7syl, 4-6syl, 5-5syl, 6-4syl,7-3syl, 8-2syl, 9-1syl

Cinquain: five lines of 2,4,6,8,2 syl count

Rictameter: 2,4,6,8,10,8,6,4,2(both 2 same word)


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Latest Comments

  • 9 years ago

    by anand singh

    It takes great tallent to combine 3 forms of writing into something this beautiful, and you have shown that tallent my friend.
    Always a plaesure to read and enjoy your beautiful poems.
    Keep up the great work.

  • 9 years ago

    by Cindy

    Congrats Meena....Your talent is shining :) Beautiful poem :)
    Take Care

  • 9 years ago

    by Lonely Rider

    Beautiful write.. Loved how you have crafted each form... Flowing smoothly..
    Lovely imagery...

  • 9 years ago

    by Melissa

    This is breathtaking, Meena! Three seperate forms laced together perfectly, very beautiful. I adore your nature pieces and your imagination behind them. :)

  • 9 years ago

    by Timothy r

    To be able to create a poem using 3 different forms is indeed very intimidating, but you put it altogether so beautifully. The first paragraph my favorite, great writng indeed. Timothy r