by silvershoes   Nov 12, 2012

I was haunted by fingerprints
on my spine and breath
you breathed one final time
into the nape of my neck
as we hugged.

I write lies to appease
a troubled mind that longs for
reason to hold like a lifeline
and a definition to put
hollow words to.

I rise with good intentions
to resolve this treachery
that eats at my insides
like a rat in a cup
with a flame to its back.

I ride to meet my shadow
in the middle of the moor
when the sun is high upon the hill
and rain clouds swarm as flies
to a honey pot.

I cross borders into madness
and reach for those ghosts
that fled not long ago,
but too long ago
to reclaim.


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  • 1 year ago

    by mossgirl19

    Breathtaking imagery and flowed like water! Great piece!

  • 5 years ago

    by zombiepikachu

    Wow... This really, really is beautiful. The way it flows is... Phenomenal. You paint a picture in my mind, and I feel the emotion in the poem, strongly. There aren't many writers like you, anymore. But it makes me happy that I have started to find a few talented poets on this site c: great job!

  • 5 years ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    This is so haunting Jane...I apologize for not reading it before! First, congratulations on the win and I want to say something about this strikes me as archaic. Like something I'd pick up an a leather-bound notebook and find in the back of it......the whole atmosphere is cold to me, like there's an obvious mist in your life, and all you can utter is tomorrow, knowing there will be one. But the reason and meaning and definition behind is unknown for now. I love your wording, it struck emotion within me, simply taking my thoughts for a journey through this life. Really neat how you structured this, I enjoyed reading it so much! The last stanza lingered in my mind. Especially what Yaki quoted. These ghosts, this past is so far behind you, almost impossible to become tangible again, it seems illusory. But then you give a small flutter of thoughts that maybe they can still be reclaimed. Whether that's getting out of this darkness and opening up a new part of your heart, or hoping again for some freedom, to realize who you's amazing what you have made me ponder. It's so brilliantly inquisitive and unique; the depth within your words are beautiful. I liked the title instantly and I think it ties in with the poem. I mean, it could be the bigger-picture progression of your character, or your existence on earth, what will fill your heart instead of the hollowness you see and possibly remember from the last goodbye of this person. Truly glad to have read this, thanks for sharing..

    Take care!

  • 5 years ago

    by Larry Chamberlin

    This poem seems almost Idyllic in the sense of the days of chivalry and romantic love. Your images draw me to the highlands of Scotland. I can imagine your love-lost as an Ivanhoe leaving to take the battle to the gates of the intolerant enemy and you, Rowena, in flowing lady's garments riding the moor yearning for him.

  • 5 years ago

    by Tara Kay

    What struck me in this piece was the journey I was taken on, through the past until the present and how the future was being decided at that point, there was such a sadness in this piece that touched me greatly but also a hope that was shining through which was beautiful.

    The wording was so well incorporated, the imagery displayed that was almost fantastical yet spoke of depth and emotion, it felt really strong.

    I really enjoyed this piece, and it is something I am sure most of us can relate to, in one way or another.


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