by Hannah Lizette   Aug 12, 2013

Woe trickles down the nape
of my neck and into sleeves
of weakened lace,

you continue to hold my hand,
babbling on about future get-togethers
that will never see the light from
the tip of your tongue.

I scan the airport for any
sign of delays,
a reason to stay burrowed
underneath your coat...
even though I know you
don't want to keep me warm,

the idea of staying was
over before it started,
before we started.

I just want seconds to
barricade onto the runway,
plant themselves into a
bomb threat and refuse
to punch the clock.


But as I see you fidget
and browse through the
selection of women like
a clearance rack,
waiting for the chance
to swipe your debit card
as soon as I board my plane -
I realize that my ticket
away from you is

What was once lust
in my eyes is now
wanderlust ---

something far more
valuable than you.

club challenge.

copyright 2013: Hannah K.


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  • 5 years ago

    by Redangelwings

    I love how you portray the sadness with woe. Its a strong word to use and I can imagine the words as tears flowing down. I see a girl with her head in her hands . The future is a hard thing to plan. You love this person but he doesn't love you back. This is obvious but maybe this is goodbye break up. You dont want to leave and I love the way you describe the time. As you reach for anything to spend more time with this person. I love the way you portray this whole poem though. You don't want to go but you have to. And you don't trust this guy because he might have hurt you before so your heart is fragile. You wonder if you should worry at all or just move on just like he might. That is just my thinking. Maybe I am off. I love it 5/5 and nominated

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