You Never Loved Me

by Mark Spencer   Sep 20, 2014

You Never Loved Me
By Mark Spencer

You stood before the minister
And spoke your wedding vow
But all those wide-eyed promises
Mean nothing to you now

You vowed to love me every day
Until death do us part
Today you rarely think of me
I'm absent from your heart

You said you needed things to change
But every time they did
You'd tell me you had new concerns
Like some disgruntled kid

With every change I tried to make
A new complaint was heard
And then the changes asked of me
Got more and more absurd

When you finally walked away
I barely recognized
The spineless person I'd become
Though I was not surprised

I tried so hard to make it real
The vow you made to me
That I got lost along the way
Inside some fallacy

I needed to believe someone
Could love me till I die
Deep down inside I knew that you
Would one day say goodbye

In spite of everything you vowed
I knew it wasn't true
The things you said the things you did
Were things love doesn't do.

Substance abuse or violence
Or infidelity
These reasons I would understand
But that just wasn't me

I had a job I did my part
And still you broke your vow
You left me thinking it was me
That I screwed up somehow

But love does not behave that way
It has too much respect
It's not some whim that comes and goes
Such things are incorrect

It isn't like some nice new car
You take out for a spin
It's not a song you overplay
Then never play again

True love is a tenacious beast
It fights until the end
Even a blatant breach of trust
Can barely make it bend

Only a love that has no depth
Will ever cease to be
You might have loved a piece of clay
But you never loved me


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  • 3 years ago

    by The Fairy Mary Poppins

    I loved this poem it really is beautiful, sad but still beautiful. I have some suggestions though if you don't mind, put commas after every stanza it lets the poet stop for a breathe and begin again reading because you need to take a breathe in a poem there was no grammar mistakes besides that and I dearly loved the emotions in this piece my favorite stanza was this:

    "You stood before the minister
    And spoke your wedding vow
    But all those wide-eyed promises
    Mean nothing to you now"

    people do lie but a wedding vow shouldn't ever be one of them if you aren't ready for marriage no matter what don't get married AT ALL just saying nice poem by the way I hope you heal one day 5/5


  • 3 years ago

    by cassie hughes

    Such a sad piece filled with emotion.
    I can really feel the pain coming through. I love the way you lead the reader through the story from beginning to end, with a very gentle hand, describing the changes in the relationship with subtlety and perception. Making it so real, as often change comes so gradually we don't notice until it has overwhelmed us, neatly summed up in stanza 6 here I think. We often try to hide what is really going on not only to the outside world but to ourselves as well.
    Although a sad piece the final two stanzas allow a glimmer of hope to come through. In these you show the final realisation that there was never a chance for you with this person and in that acceptance will eventually be able to move on.
    An excellent write. :)

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