by Matt Carroll   Feb 1, 2015

Bear with me as this is my first piece in over 6 years.

A road not taken, a path uncrossed
That may have found what once was lost
A flame unkindled, a door left closed
That once if opened, bliss imposed

A page unwritten, an inkwell dry
May have unraveled life's great lie
A song not sung, a voice unheard
That may have been someone's last word

A love unshaken, a passion unbridled
To which they may have been entitled
A soul unbroken, a spirit untamed
That you would not permit unchained

An eye unopened, a tone-deaf ear
A touch not felt, an absence here
A darkness unriveled, a love never felt
A life never lived, a heart that can't melt


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  • 3 years ago

    by Rania Moallem

    WAW! This was after 6 years ? I actually thought it was even more coherent than the ones I've read earlier, taking into consideration that they were perfect.

    This is an amazing poem, it is nailed! The scheme, the phrasing, the length, pace, meaning, content; one full package!

    When I saw the title, I thought it was a United Nation's thing, UN poem or something. I actually find it was eye catching that you decided to title it that way, having the un prefix in most of your double liners.

    What a great piece of all the things one would miss-out.
    Thoought provoking and added to my favorite, really sad I didnt see this earlier.

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