Finally free

by XxHealing from the inside outxX   May 6, 2016

I hate how much i need you
I hate the way i feel
I hate my life
I hate this pain
I am safe inside ?
I'm dying right in front of you
I'm tired of hidding
I'm tired of fighting
I'm tired of holding on
i want to lose my grip
i just want that sweet release
to end all my suffering
to cut deep
feel the that rush of that pain
for my breathing to slow
to feel ice cold
to hear sweet silence
goosebumps up an down my body
taking my one last deep breath
finally the release I've waited for
I don't need you anymore
I don't feel anymore
my life is over
I don't feel anymore pain
I feel safe
no more dying in front of you
can't hide anymore
the fight is gone
my grip has ceased
I feel my sweet release
my suffering has ended
I cutted deep
rush of the pain was so great
my breathing has stop
I'm ice cold
I hear silence an peace
no more waiting for my release
I'm free


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  • 2 years ago

    by Dagmar Wilson

    This is very deep and straight coming from the heart. Cutting is a type of self mutilating that supposedly help dealing with the pain. It's heartbreaking. Take care of yourself and be blessed. People do love you.

    • Thank you im doing alot better since i wrote this poem i was going through a dark time an still trying to deal with a family loss but things are looking up an im starting to feel alot better :)

  • 2 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Hello Christy

    I'll make a couple of points about this piece, both positive and negative. I'll get the bad out the way first!
    This isn't a pleasing write for me to read personally, simply because I am aware how much you are and have been suffering recently - indeed, for a while now, so it upsets me to think you are feeling this low.
    As far as the actual poem is concerned, I always quite like these unpolished little writes as they come from the heart which is what poetry is all about.
    What was most hard-hitting was the acknowledgement of the joy felt when cutting so deep and feeling such pain - more joy, perhaps, than had been felt before.

    Keep your head up Christy and pm me whenever,

    All the very best

  • 2 years ago

    by Brenda

    Wow! This is really dark and intense! Extreme vivid imagery.

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