Uncharted Waters

by Kitty Cat Lady   Aug 21, 2017

Sail me to uncharted waters
Show me what I've missed
Open my eyes to the wonder
Of unadulterated bliss

If these waters become choppy
We can just adjust the sails
Maybe we'll have to make a choice
Play it safe or risk a fail

If we choose safe we'll never learn
But a fail could burn the boat
So do we forge ahead and wing it
Or just ensure we stay afloat?

I'm happy just to drift awhile
Don't need to make a plan
Just rock me gently on your sea
And wake me when we land.


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  • 10 months ago

    by Ben Pickard

    What a beautifully crafted piece, delicately written and really well rhymed again. I love the extended metaphor used for love here, too.

    All the best,


    • 10 months ago

      by Kitty Cat Lady

      Thanks Ben, there's not much I do delicately! ;-)

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