Wings Of My Prayer: (Part 2)

by Scott Cole   Jan 28, 2018

To the lady so dear to me
Yet so far away,
I'm sending you a letter
And I'm mailing it today.

No envelope to rip open
That's annoyingly glued,
Nor tiny paper note
Of choice words to view.

No going to the mailbox
In rain sleet or snow,
Or checking the peephole
On your tippy toes.

For my special delivery
Will come straight to you,
When you least expect it
It will make it's debut.

On the wings of my prayer
My heart crys out to you,
Flowing with emotions
Like a downpouring monsoon.

I pray my winged prayer
Makes it safely through
For in my darkest hour
I've got no one but you.

I'm just the messenger
You're my Angel of hope,
With all of the answers
That helps me to cope.

You always did have
A way with your words,
For your I Love Yous
Were prettiest I've heard.

As much as I miss you
Your in a much better place,
Though I can't hug you
Or dare kiss your face.

But I know your minus
Your aches and pains,
And that pleases me so
So I can't complain.

These words I've sent you
On my praying wings,
Is just a little reminder
You're still my everything.

Written in honor of my Grandmother
Elizabeth Sue Williams 1927-1999


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  • 11 months ago

    by mossgirl19

    Lovely Part 2, Scott! Loved it as much as the first one. Sweet and touching.

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