by Matt Carroll   Mar 27, 2018

A lust truly insatiable, our passions unrivaled
Succumbed to this desire, so raw and unbridled
Bodies entwined, breathing labored and heavy
Like a flood crashing down through a storm battered levy

Pure ecstasy found in the warmth of your touch
Your lips against mine simplys almost too much
As nails rake my shoulders and my whole body shivers
Yours buckles and bows in uncontrollable quivers

Deep within those bright eyes I've fallen prey to your charm
For your love's like a drug passed from needle to arm
After the slightest of taste I'm left begging for more
For our sins of the flesh have reached into my core

My fingers tight 'round your hips as you cry out my name
In voice so desperate for more of us, so candid and untame
We realize at this moment, there's not another that will do
There'll never be another you for me, nor another I for you


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  • 10 months ago

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    Ooh er Matt! I love this racy rhyme and your expression of being 'lust-struck' is spot on! :-) x